Changing the Face of Community Housing

POSTED September 1, 2012
Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows

CHT Architects’ residential project in Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows, is challenging traditional attitudes towards community housing.

Designed for Yarra Community Housing, the development offers affordable housing for different user groups, including single men, single women and families. While each zone is clearly demarcated, they are also linked to form a large residential precinct.

The 84 apartments are spread across two buildings and comprise 24 men’s studios, 24 women’s studios and 36 two and three-bedroom family apartments.

Unlike traditional community housing, the Pearcedale Parade project evokes a sense of identity for residents thanks to the implementation of highly detailed, character-laden architecture and materials. Vibrant green and brown brickwork defines the ‘families’ building, while the ‘singles’ facility boasts timber screens and different-coloured balconies. Attached to each zone is a generous garden space, providing residents with pride of place.

CHT Architects director David Carabott says, “With this new approach to community housing design, our aim is to do more than provide roofs over people’s heads – we want to impact positively on their lives.”

David says that feedback from the client, residents and the community had been positive to date.

“The building is a welcome alternative to the drabness traditionally associated with community housing projects. Our hope is that it becomes a much-loved part of the community.”